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Why is Karndean flooring so expensive?

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Is Karndean flooring worth the money?

This is a matter of personal perspective. Karndean flooring products are without a doubt very good products. The quality is fantastic, the range of products is fantastic and the range in colours and patterns is fantastic.

Karndean is however expensive, and part of the high price is due to the brand name. Those that value a popular brand name are happy to pay the premium price in return. There are also those who don’t consider the brand name to be worth the extra money. These buyers tend to opt for lesser known brands that offer the same or similar standard of products for less cost. Karndean is one of the many brands that sell vinyl flooring.

You only need to read the Karndean flooring reviews to find out what customers think of their Karndean floors, they love them!

To find a local Karndean supplier simply google a phrase such as find Karndean flooring near me.

Does Karndean scratch easily?

Karndean products are vinyl tiles and the floor type in general is very scratch resistant. It is not impossible to scratch vinyl tile flooring but it is much more resistant to scratches than other floor types such as wood flooring. Vinyl is a manmade product and it is specifically designed to be hard wearing, scratch resistant and waterproof. The scratch resistant and waterproof properties of vinyl flooring combined with the pretty much endless variations in colours and styles are what is gaining vinyl tile flooring so much popularity recently.

Can Karndean flooring be mopped?

Yes, Karndean flooring is waterproof so it can be cleaned with a mop no problem. This is one of the benefits for lvt flooring over wood flooring and laminate flooring, as wood and laminate are both intolerable to moisture which makes cleaning them more difficult. The only thing to bear in mind when cleaning an lvt floor with a mop and bucket is whilst the floor itself is waterproof the rest of the area likely isn’t. Such as the skirtings and possibly the subfloor, depending on the type of subfloor.

Karndean flooring prices can be obtained from online suppliers in the form of quote requests on websites.

What flooring is as good as Karndean?

The two most well-known lvt flooring brands are Karndean and Amtico. There are also other alternative lvt flooring brands, such as DFO Choice, which offer the same level of quality at a lower cost. A telltale sign of quality to look out for is the warranty that comes with the product. The highest quality lvt flooring products come with lifetime residential warranties.

There are no disadvantages of Karndean flooring over other lvt flooring as they all use the same material.

Does Karndean click floors?

Karndean offers both click lvt flooring and glue down lvt flooring.

Click LVT versions are easier to install which means a professional installer isn’t always needed. The planks have built in underlay so it is quieter to walk on. This makes this floor type ideal for flooring in flats and houses as less noise is transferred to the floor below. This floor type also requires a less perfectly smooth subfloor than the glue down version.

Glue Down LVT versions are more difficult to install due to each plank needing to be glued correctly in place, therefore a professional installer is required which adds cost to the install. It is however easier to replace damaged planks as each plank is glued down individually, so you can remove and replace a single plank without affecting any of the other planks. This floor type is better suited to high traffic areas.

When working out how much is Karndean flooring fitted you will find that the fitting costs for glue down lvt are more expensive than click lvt fitting costs. You will also find that this negates the savings made from the lower purchase price of glue down lvt.

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