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DFO Choice is the Direct Flooring Online Brand name. When you see the DFO Choice logo on a flooring product it shows that it has been carefully selected by us to be sustainably sourced, easy to install, high quality, covered by warranty and great value for money. We take great care to uphold the standards of our Brand.

At Direct Flooring Online, sustainability is a top priority. With the concerning state of our planet, we all must take action to reduce our environmental impact. That’s why we carefully source our flooring products to ensure the harvesting and manufacturing processes meet approved sustainability standards. We also make great efforts to recycle waste throughout our operations. Our goal is to provide you with beautiful, responsible flooring options for your home or office. Feel good knowing that our products come from ethical sources committed to protecting our world for future generations. We’re here to help you create an eco-friendly space that looks amazing. Contact us today to learn more about our sustainably-sourced flooring collections.

We make sure that all of our DFO Choice products are as easy to install as possible as the easier the flooring is to install the less our valued customers need to spend on the installation. There is also less likelihood that a mistake will be made during the installation process when the flooring product being installed is not unnecessarily complicated. When you see the DFO Choice logo you know in advance the product is as easy to install as possible.

Quality is everything. A high quality product looks better, feels better, ages better, installs better, wears better and even sounds better underfoot. A high quality product provides significantly better value for money than a low quality product, as low quality products will need to be replaced more often and very quickly become the more expensive option in reality. The DFO Choice logo is the stamp of approved quality you can trust.

The length of a warranty is a reliable sign of the quality of any product, the higher the quality the more durable the product will be and the happier the manufacturer’s are to guarantee it’s reliability. All of our DFO Choice products are covered by long term warranties with the manufacturers, providing assurance that the products are fit for purpose and will stand the test of time. The DFO Choice logo let’s you know that a product has been built to such a high standard that the manufacturers guarantee the quality of their work.

It is absolutely essential to us that we only supply the highest quality flooring at the lowest possible prices and that we never compromise on the level of quality when striving to offer the best value for money flooring available. When you see a product with the DFO Choice logo you can be sure that it’s not a low price because it’s a low quality product, it’s a great product at a great price!


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