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F Ball Stopgap 1200 Pro Bag & Bottle (approx 5m2)


Stopgap 1200 Powder Mixed with Stopgap 1200 Liquid.

Stopgap 1200 pro is a low odour, fast setting, fast drying, two component smoothing compound suitable for preparing sound internal subfloors prior to the installation of new floorcoverings.

Particularly suitable for use over old adhesive residues (including bitumen and carpet tile tackifiers) without the need for priming. STOPGAP 1200 can be used for patch filling timber floors prior to overlaying with plywood. Suitable for use in clinical and biologically sensitive areas, clean rooms etc.

STOPGAP 1200 mixed with STOPGAP 1200 Liquid has been tested in accordance with IMO 2010 FTPC Part 5 (IMO Res. MSC 307(88)) and Annex 2 item 2.2 and approved for use in marine application by DNV.

Marine Certified Tested to the standards of the International Marine Organisation and approved for use in marine floor installations.

Coverage: STOPGAP 1200 Pro Powder mixed with 5.0 litres of STOPGAP 1200 Pro Liquid will cover approximately 5.0m² at a thickness of 2 – 3mm

Technical Information;
EN 13813 Class Designation: CT-C16-F6
Working Time at 20°C: 15-20 minutes
Setting Time at 20°C: 60 minutes
At 3mm ready to receive most floorcoverings: From 4 hours

Compressive Strength N/mm2
(EN 13892-2)
1 Day: >6.0
7 Days: >10.0
28 Days: >16.0

Flexural Strength N/mm2
(EN 13892-2)
1 Day: >2.0
7 Days: >4.0
28 Days: >6.0

Consumption per mm thickness: 1.98 kg / m2

Application thickness;
Unfilled: 2-10 mm
Filled: Up to 30mm

Standard Mix – Add 5.0 litres of STOPGAP 1200 Liquid into a STOPGAP mixing bucket and
gradually add all the powder whilst stirring with a power whisk fitted in an electric drill until a
smooth creamy lump free consistency is achieved. The material should be mixed for a minimum
of 2 minutes.
Filled Mix – Add 12.5kg of STOPGAP GRADED AGGREGATE to the prepared standard mix. It is
advisable to reduce the level of liquid to 4.75 litres to prevent separation of the mix.
Mix only with STOPGAP 1200 Liquid.


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