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Wood Flooring Finishes

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What types of wood flooring finishes are there?

There are many variations of the different wood floor finishes, some of which include;

Lacquered – a smooth shiny finish created by a clear hard coating of lacquer

Oiled – a more natural finish as the oil soaks into the wood rather than coating it

UV Lacquered / Oiled – UV protection is added to lacquers and oils to protect to wood against sunlight

Matt Lacquered – a less shiny lacquered finish that still provides the smooth surface

Hard Wax Oiled – a waxy oiled finish which is great for rustic wooden floors

Brushed & Oiled – an oiled finish that has been lightly worked into the wood by brush to create light brush marks

What is the best finish for wooden floors?

There is no wooden floor treatment that is better than all other finishes as it is largely down to preference.

If a smooth hard finish is desired then a lacquered finish would be a good choice.

If the aim is to have a real wood floor that is as quiet to walk on as possible then an oiled finish would be a good choice.

Oiled floors do require more maintenance than lacquered floors, as oil needs to be reapplied from time to time.

The finishes are simply applied to the surface of wood flooring to create the desired surface texture and appearance.

Vintage Oak Engineered Wood Flooring has a Hard Wax Oiled Finish that creates a waxy rustic finish

Which floor finish lasts the longest?

Lacquer is the wooden floor finish that lasts the longest, around 10 to 20 years depending on the wood flooring itself. This is because the lacquer provides a protective layer against scratches, dents and small amounts of moisture, so minor damage affects the lacquered surface, not the wood underneath.

Which floor finish is best for pets?

Wood floors with oiled finishes are better for pets than lacquered finishes. Lacquered floors have a hard surface coating which is noisier and more slippery for pets to walk on compared to oiled floors. They also show scratches more which can be an issue with pets.

Oiled wood floors are softer and less slippery because oil is absorbed into the wood, rather than creating a hard and smooth layer over the top.

There are many different wood floor treatment products available, you simply need to decide which one is the most suitable for your intended use.

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