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Why Is LVT Flooring So Popular?

Partridge Oak Grey LVT Flooring in a lounge with light blue walls, green and yellow chairs, a table, a sofa, pink lamp shade, yellow curtains

Why is LVT Flooring so Popular?

There are multiple reasons why lvt flooring is so popular, here are three examples;

100% Waterproof – The fact that lvt flooring is totally waterproof creates additional value to the flooring in that the user doesn’t ever have to worry about getting it wet. If you consider most other floor types such as wood flooring, laminate flooring and carpet, all of them can be easily damaged by excess moisture. Not having to even think about getting lvt wet provides a lovely amount of peace of mind in day to day living.

Easy Installation – Both glue down and click lvt floors are relatively easy to install. Click lvt is usually the preferred type especially for DIY projects because the planks simply click together and underlay is also built into the planks.

Value for Money – When you take into consideration the usability and price of lvt flooring it represents fantastic value for money, especially when compared to alternative flooring options.

What is the disadvantage of LVT flooring?

A disadvantage of lvt flooring is that it cannot be renewed the same way that wood flooring can. However neither can laminate or carpet.

Another disadvantage could be that it is not as soft to walk on as carpet. However neither is wood, stone or laminate flooring.

In actual fact there are not many disadvantages of lvt flooring, this is what makes it the best all-rounder at present. Especially SPC lvt flooring which is the most modern variant.

There are disadvantages to all floor types and it can be argued that lvt flooring has the least amount of disadvantages of them all.

Our Camel Oak Click LVT Flooring is in a natural oak colour and looks brilliant in all indoor areas

Does LVT feel like plastic?

Whilst it isn’t too difficult to distinguish lvt from real wood or stone upon very close inspection, the high end variants often even surprise professionals that have been in the flooring industry for decades. This is due to the significant progress that has been made in the technology that creates the lvt products. Each new generation of lvt is more like the natural material that it is designed to imitate, such as real wood or stone.

Upon close inspection of literally holding a plank of lvt in your hands, you can tell that it is a type of plastic. It does not however feel like cheap plastic, because it isn’t. High quality modern lvt floors are often a stone plastic composite (SPC) vinyl. Therefore the floor type is not 100% plastic anyway, it is a mixture of stone and plastic used to create a premium product.

What is the maintenance of LVT?

The maintenance of lvt is low level. It doesn’t need to be re-oiled like many real wood floors. You can get it wet unlike wood and laminate flooring. You can simply use it and clean it without worrying too much. It is also less likely to stain than carpet. The day to day maintenance of lvt flooring is to simply hoover it and wash it with water and mild soap or mild detergent cleaning materials as per the instructions.

Vinyl flooring products are some of the easiest floors to live with which makes them some of the best floor types for homes and offices.

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