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Which lvt flooring is best?

Pebble Oak Vinyl Flooring in a bathroom, large windows, white bath tub, large mirror, white sink and units

What are the disadvantages of LVT flooring?
1. As good as lvt floors have become, they struggle to match the natural luxury feel and appearance of a high quality real wood floor. Premium lvt floors do a very good job at imitating real wood, but you can still tell the difference when you look closely and feel the surface.

2. Whilst there are effective products available to repair minor damage to lvt floors, more significant damage cannot be repaired and the damaged plank or planks may need to be replaced as lvt floors cannot be sanded down like real wood floors can.

3. Even though many manufactures use recycled plastic wherever possible, the plastic element in lvt flooring means it is not biodegradable and cannot be considered truly sustainable.

Is stick down or click LVT better?
Neither is better than the other as they are suitable for different situations.

Stick down pro’s: No expansion gap is needed and the skirting’s can stay on as the floor cannot move once it has been stuck down. It is easier to replace damaged planks as you can remove a single plank without having to remove other planks or the skirting. It is also cheaper to purchase.
Stick down con’s: The subfloor has to be perfect as any imperfections will show through the vinyl and may prevent successful adhesion. The installation requires a professional floor fitter which means the installation for stick down is more expensive than for click.

Click pro’s: The subfloor can be less perfect as minor imperfections can be absorbed by the built in underlay and the floor isn’t glued to the subfloor. The installation is better suited for DIY and a professional floor fitter is not necessary which means the install is cheaper.
Click con’s: Due to the fact that the floor is floated and not glued in place an expansion gap is needed, which means either the skirting’s need to be removed and put back on top of the lvt floor or scotia needs to be used to cover the expansion gap between the edge of the floor and the skirting. Replacing damaged planks is more difficult as to replace a single plank you have to uplift a section of the floor, the skirting, and the scotia if used, and the put everything back in place with the replacement plank.

Does LVT hurt home value?
Traditionally wood flooring has been thought to add the most value to properties, however this theory doesn’t necessarily hold true today. LVT floors have come a long way in recent years, they look, feel and perform significantly better than their predecessors. In many cases and for many families looking for a new home lvt flooring is a far more suitable option compared to wood flooring. Some of the best vinyl flooring brands have such a good reputation and are so popular that the brands have essentially become household names, so much so that it can actually be a benefit when it comes to selling a property.

How long do LVT floors last?
How long lvt flooring lasts varies between the different products available from different manufacturers. The average expected lifetime of lvt flooring is 10-30 years, for which the flooring is usually covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Burnt Oak Herringbone LVT Flooring

This image shows our Windsor Burnt Oak Herringbone LVT. All floors in our Windsor range come with a Lifetime Residential Warranty!

Does LVT feel cheap?
High quality lvt floors are intelligently designed premium products and don’t feel cheap. In the same way as most things in this world, you get what you pay for. Whilst there aren’t specifically any lvt brands to avoid it is advisable to check out the customer reviews of the company you are thinking of purchasing from and the product spec. A telltale sign of the quality of a product is the warranty provided.

Does LVT scratch easily?
LVT flooring is scratch resistant and does not scratch easily compared to other floor types such as wood flooring. The scratch resistant and waterproof design of lvt click flooring is what makes it so popular with pet owners. Scratch resistant does not however mean scratch immune. If you scratch anything with something hard enough it will scratch.

What happens when LVT gets wet?
Absolutely nothing happens to lvt when it gets wet as it is waterproof. The only thing to be aware of with regards to getting lvt wet is that the floor does not contain or drain water, as it is not part of the design in the same way a tiled floor in a wet room is. This means if enough water gets onto lvt flooring it can seep through to the subfloor, and depending on the type of subfloor this can damage things like plywood, plaster and wooden beams etc.

Is LVT easier to install than laminate?
Click lvt and laminate flooring are very similar with regards to their installations. The only real difference between the two is click lvt usually has built in underlay, and laminate has to be floated on separate underlay. Separate underlay has to be purchased and fitted before laminate can be installed, click lvt is installed as one with the underlay built into the planks, therefore click lvt is easier to install than laminate. Stick down lvt on the other hand is more difficult to install than both click lvt and laminate.

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