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What wood flooring is best for dogs?

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What kind of wood floor is best for dogs?
If you have decided that you absolutely have to have a real wood floor and you also have dogs then you need to choose a wood floor that has a good wear layer so you can sand it back over the years and remove the claw scratches. Wood flooring is actually one of the worst flooring for dogs as it can easily be scratched by their claws. With regards to claws skidding and scratching it is possible that the best flooring for dog traction would be a rustic/grainy oiled wood floor rather than a smooth lacquered floor.

What is the most durable flooring for dogs?
The most suitable flooring for dogs is vinyl flooring due to its durability and waterproof design. The durability makes it more scratch resistant compared to wood flooring and the waterproof design allows you to clean and disinfect which makes it the best flooring for dogs that pee. Vinyl is also a great option for non slip flooring for dogs uk. In actual fact vinyl flooring is the best flooring for dogs uk wide.

Our Dusk Oak Plank Vinyl Flooring shows the premium appearance a waterproof floor can have.

Are wooden floors suitable for dogs?
Real wood floors are not suitable for dogs because their claws can easily scratch and damage it. The last thing you want to do is pay for an expensive wood floor only for your beloved pet to ruin it. The best wood floors for dogs and water would be an engineered wood floor rather than solid wood flooring as the later is more susceptible to moisture. Neither engineered nor solid wood flooring is very good at resisting water, but engineered is better than solid. Both engineered and solid wood flooring are likely to be scratched by pets claws as much as each other, however solid has an advantage here as it can be sanded back more times to reveal fresh unscratched layers.

Is hardwood or laminate better for dogs?
Both hardwood and laminate flooring can be used for homes with dogs, however neither are ideal as both can be scratch by dogs claws. Laminate is more scratch resistant and also less expensive to buy than real wood flooring, but real wood flooring can be sanded back to remove the scratches, so it really depends on how much you are willing to spend initially and on maintenance. Generally laminate is more suitable for dogs than hardwood.

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