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What is the difference between Chevron and Herringbone Flooring?

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Chevron and Herringbone are distinctive patterns of Parquet flooring available mostly in wood and LVT. Each pattern has their own recognisable appearance and installation method.

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Chevron Flooring Explained

Chevron flooring is characterised by its distinctive “V” shaped pattern, which creates continuous diagonal lines across the floor.

Wood Planks
Chevron wood flooring typically starts with rectangular planks. These planks are cut at precise angles, usually 45 degrees, along their long edges. This cutting creates two identical pieces with matching angles, often referred to as “chevrons” or “zigzags.”

The cut planks are then laid in a repeating pattern, with each chevron interlocking with the adjacent one to form continuous diagonal lines that point in the same direction across the floor.

Unlike some other patterns like Herringbone, where the planks are staggered to create a broken zigzag effect, Chevron planks are aligned end-to-end, forming a seamless and uniform zigzagging pattern.

One distinctive characteristic of Chevron flooring is its strong sense of directionality. The diagonal lines created by the chevrons draw the eye along the length of the pattern, giving the floor a dynamic and visually appealing appearance.

The Chevron pattern creates a sense of movement and flow in a room, making it an excellent choice for adding visual interest to spaces.

Achieving a precise Chevron pattern requires careful planning and precise installation. Each plank must be cut accurately at the correct angle to ensure a seamless fit and maintain the continuity of the pattern.

Due to the intricacy of the pattern, Chevron flooring installation can be more challenging and time-consuming compared to traditional plank flooring. However, the striking visual impact it creates makes it a popular choice for high-end interior design projects.

Overall, at Direct Flooring Online we are a big fan of Chevron flooring as it’s is prized for its sophisticated and modern aesthetic, characterised by its continuous diagonal lines and strong sense of directionality. It adds a sense of elegance and movement to any space, making it a timeless choice for both contemporary and classic interiors.

Chevron Pattern shown here with our Bay Oak Chevron Engineered Wood Flooring

Herringbone Flooring Explained

Herringbone flooring is known for its distinctive zigzag pattern resembling the bones of a herring fish. 

Wood or LVT  Planks

Herringbone flooring also starts with rectangular wood planks. However, instead of being cut at angles like in Chevron flooring, these planks are cut with rectangular ends at a precise 90-degree angle.


Unlike Chevron, where the planks form continuous diagonal lines, in Herringbone flooring, the planks are laid in a staggered pattern to create a broken zigzag effect.Each plank is placed at a 45-degree angle to the adjacent plank, forming a series of interlocking “V” shapes across the floor. The ends of the planks are aligned with the sides of the adjacent planks, creating a seamless and uniform zigzag pattern that runs parallel to the walls.


Similar to Chevron flooring, Herringbone flooring also creates a sense of directionality in the room. The repeated “V” shapes draw the eye along the length of the pattern, adding visual interest and movement to the space. However, unlike Chevron, where the diagonal lines point in one consistent direction, the broken zigzag effect of Herringbone allows for a more varied and dynamic appearance.


Installing Herringbone flooring requires careful planning and precision to achieve the desired pattern. Each plank must be laid at the correct angle and position to ensure that the zigzag pattern is uniform and consistent throughout.

While Herringbone installation can be more complex than traditional plank flooring, the end result is a visually stunning floor that adds character and elegance to any room.

We think Herringbone floor has a timeless appeal and classic elegance. The distinctive zigzag pattern adds a touch of sophistication to interior spaces, making it a popular choice for both traditional and contemporary designs.

A great example of Herringbone Pattern flooring is shown here using LVT Flooring Parrot Oak

We have a huge range of Herringbone LVT Flooring and Herringbone Wood Flooring available on our website covering lots of colours, styles and budgets.

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