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What is parquet flooring?

Summer Oak herringbone wood flooring colour swatch

What type of flooring is parquet?

Parquet flooring originated as far back as 1530 in France and was originally only available as real wood flooring, as vinyl and laminate hadn’t yet been invented. The word parquet originates from the French word parchet which means a small compartment or enclosure.

Today parquet flooring is no longer limited to small block wood flooring, the term is now used more generally to describe Herringbone flooring, also known as Herringbone parquet flooring, and Chevron flooring, also known as Chevron parquet flooring, as designs and patterns of all floor types.

Is parquet flooring more expensive?

Yes, parquet flooring does tend to be more expensive to purchase and install compared to standard straight plank floors. This is because there are more individual planks per square metre which means the floor is more laborious to manufacture and to install.

All wood parquet floors also need to be glued to the subfloor and cannot be floated on underlay which means more work for the installer which in turn adds cost.

Our Summer Oak Herringbone Parquet Flooring consist of small engineered wood planks that measure 400mm x 90mm x 18mm with a natural oiled finish

Are parquet floors glued down?

It depends on the floor type, as mentioned above there are now many types of parquet flooring;

Real wood parquet flooring – needs to be glued to the subfloor.

Laminate parquet flooring – is usually floated on underlay.

Click parquet LVT flooring – is floated on its built in underlay.

Glue down parquet LVT flooring – as the name suggests needs to be glued to the subfloor.

Sheet vinyl flooring with printed parquet designs – can be loose laid or glued down.

Safety vinyl flooring with printed parquet designs – needs to be glued down.

Is parquet flooring high maintenance?

It’s the material of the flooring rather than the design that makes a floor low or high maintenance.

Traditional real wood parquet flooring is the highest maintenance because real wood is more likely to become scratched. It is also more sensitive to moisture and temperature changes. Oiled parquet wood floors need to be maintained with oil applications. Scratched wood parquet flooring can be sanded back by way of refreshing the wood and removing scratches.

Laminate parquet flooring is low maintenance because it doesn’t ever need to be oiled or sanded back. It can however be damaged by moisture.

Vinyl parquet flooring is very low maintenance because it is 100% waterproof and resistant to temperature changes. Vinyl tile parquet flooring is sometimes referred to as parquet flooring tiles.

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