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What flooring is best for bathrooms?

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Is vinyl or laminate better for bathroom?

It makes the most sense to use waterproof flooring for bathroom areas. The best waterproof bathroom flooring is vinyl flooring. It also makes sense to use a floor that doesn’t become slippery when wet, and as some vinyl floors are better at this than others it can be helpful to get some non slip bathroom flooring ideas from your supplier or shop.

The best vinyl flooring for bathrooms is LVT flooring with a grippy textured surface, these floors look and feel like high end products and don’t become slippery when wet.

Laminate will swell and damage if exposed to excess moisture which is pretty much guaranteed in bathrooms. Water resistant laminate flooring is available, but it is still not as water resistant as vinyl options.

What is the easiest flooring to install in bathroom?

Sheet vinyl and click vinyl tile flooring is the easiest to install in bathrooms.

Sheet vinyl first needs the underlay to be laid and fitted if underlay is being used. Then the vinyl needs to be cut to fit flush up against the walls and other fixed objects such as baths and showers. Finally the edges need to be sealed all around with silicone. The tricky part with installing sheet vinyl is cutting it correctly. It is common for inexperienced DIY installers to cut too much and have to buy the vinyl again.

Click vinyl tile flooring planks usually have built in underlay which saves having to install separate underlay. The planks simply click together, are laid straight down onto the subfloor and cut to fit the space. Vinyl tile planks have a higher quality appearance compared to sheet vinyl.

People tend to find cutting rigid planks easier than cutting sheet vinyl. The only real disadvantage of click vinyl tile flooring is that the skirtings ideally need to be removed and refitted over the new flooring.

Our Yorkshire Oak click plank vinyl flooring is perfect for rooms where people take shoes off as it’s durable and waterproof so can be easily cleaned

Should bathroom flooring go under the toilet?

When replacing flooring in bathrooms the best practice is to remove all of the fixtures from the room, fit the flooring, and then put the fixtures back in place. This creates a better finish and also makes things easier should you need to move the fixtures at a later date to repair or replace them.

If for example the flooring has been installed without removing the fixtures and the flooring has been cut around them and often sealed with silicone, it not only looks less neat it also becomes a mess when the fixtures are removed.

Both ways are possible but the professional method is to remove the fixtures, lay the flooring and then put the fixtures back in place.

Is wood flooring suitable for bathrooms?

Wood flooring is not suitable for bathrooms or anywhere else that will experience excess moisture or fluctuations in temperature as it expands and contracts with its environment. Engineered wood flooring is less reactive than solid wood flooring, but it is still not a good choice for a bathroom. The top layer of engineered wood flooring is solid wood flooring!

If you would like the look of wood flooring in your wet rooms you should look into lvt flooring. There are lots of amazing products on the market today that look so much like real would it’s hard to believe they aren’t.

The best vinyl bathroom flooring products are LVT floors which have clever features such as bevelled planks to accentuate the individual planks and textured surfaces that replicate the look and feel of real wood grains.

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