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Screed and Latex

Mapei Ultraplan Renovation screed bag

Is screed and latex the same?

No screed and latex are not the same. The terms screed and latex are often mixed up and used incorrectly.

Screed – is the sand and cement subfloor layer that creates the base of the flooring.

Latex – is the latex self levelling compound which is applied over the top of the screed subfloor when the subfloor is not level or smooth enough for the floor covering to be installed.

Latex screed cost is around £21.99 per 25kg bag and bottle.

Standard screed cost is around £22.99 per 25kg bag.

What is the benefit of latex screed?

The benefit of latex screed is it creates a smooth and level surface for the floor covering to be installed on. Often when installing and even more so when replacing flooring the subfloor can be uneven and unsuitable for the floor covering to be installed on.

An uneven subfloor can show through and create problems for the floor covering. If for example a hard floor covering such as wood flooring or laminate is installed over an uneven subfloor, the planks can’t lay flat which means they move when people walk on them. Not only does this create a poor finish, it adds extra wear and tear on the planks and can void warranties.

Many floor types need to be fully bonded to the subfloor, therefore they need a smooth and flat surface to be fully bonded to. Without a smooth and level subfloor they simply cannot be installed correctly.

Mapei Latexplan Trade Levveling Compound A&B is used for levelling and smoothing subfloors with differences in thickness of 1 to 10 mm, in one application, on new and existing substrates to prepare them for all types of flooring installations.

Is latex screed strong?

Yes latex screed is extremely well designed to create a strong and durable top subfloor layer on which to install flooring.

Many installers use latex screed for vinyl flooring because vinyl tends to be a thinner floor type which can allow subfloor imperfections to show through and be felt underfoot.

It is also vital for glue down lvt flooring to have a smooth surface for the tiles to be glued on to.

Is latex the same as self-levelling?

Self-levelling is simply one of the names given to screeds that are used to level floor areas. This term is also used, sometimes incorrectly, for both base layer subfloors and latex top layers. 

Self-levelling compounds are used to make up latex screeds which are specifiaclly designed to smooth over uneven subfloors. Most of the time self-levelling referes to the latex layer as that is its purpose.

Latex screed thickness are usually up to around 10mm.

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