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Premium Wood Flooring in a Hallway

What is the highest quality wood floor?

The quality of real wood flooring is dictated by the quality of the materials used and the quality of the construction process.

The use of lower quality materials or a poor execution of the construction will result in a lower quality product overall. The best materials and top quality construction process will create a top quality product in any industry, and flooring is the same.

Why use solid wood?

The highest quality solid wood flooring uses only top quality natural wood such as Oak and nothing else as there are no other materials used for this type of wood flooring. The floor planks are 100% real natural wood cut to shape by a professional and experienced manufacturer.

The highest quality engineered wood flooring is a combination of top quality natural wood such as Oak again but with other layers of materials added underneath such as plywood. The construction process of this type of wood floor is slightly more involved because it requires the melding of more than one material to create a single plank. If this process is not carried out correctly it can produce a faulty product. So again the quality of construction is paramount to create the best quality flooring.

We only supply premium wood flooring, we don’t waste ours or our customers time and money on poor quality products. If you’re nearby to Hoddesdon you should be able to find us on Google simply by searching premium flooring near me.

What is the best grade of wood flooring?

The best grade of wood flooring is called Prime or AB grade. This grade of wood flooring should have minimal to no knots within the planks and also minimal to no filler or sapwood. This grade of wood flooring should also be as uniform as possible in colour and shade, meaning all of the planks should look as similar as naturally possible.

Prime grade wood flooring tends to be the most expensive grade of wood because the manufacturer has to only use timber that fits the desired appearance and avoid imperfections such as knots and blemishes.

The best grade of wood flooring is also subjective because if you specifically want a Rustic looking wood floor then a Prime grade product will not have the appearance that you want. In this case the best grade wood be Rustic because that’s the desired style.

What is the most luxurious wood floor?

The most luxurious wood floor is also somewhat subjective to each individual. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Whether the wooden floor is Oak, Maple or Walnut or if it’s a Prime, Select or Rustic grade there will be different situations where they will all be the most luxurious.

Subjectivity aside, it is largely accepted that solid wood flooring is the most luxurious. This is simply because it is the most natural type of wood flooring, and the natural aspect of real wood flooring is the dominating theme for its popularity. Therefore it stands to reason that the more natural the wood flooring is the more luxurious it is.

Heron Oak Grey Engineered Wood Flooring with a stool and magazines
Our Heron Oak is a premium engineered wood floor in a luxurious shade of grey

What thickness of wood flooring is best?

Generally speaking the best thickness of wood flooring is the thicker the better because the thicker it is the more stable it is.

The other benefit of thicker wood flooring is the thicker the floor is the thicker the wear layer is and the more times the floor can be sanded and refinished. This is how real wood flooring can last so long.

Wood flooring can be sanded back to remove scratches and minor dents. Once the wood has been sanded back which reveals fresh layers of wood, it is then refinished with oil or lacquer making it look brand new again.

The best thickness of wood flooring is also the thickness that fits the space available for the flooring. If the installer or builder only has a 14mm depth available for flooring material, a 20mm floor physically wouldn’t fit and would therefore be totally useless.

Another factor to remember is cost. Thicker wood flooring tends to be more expensive than thinner wood flooring because it uses more material. So the best thickness of wood flooring is also the thickness that you can afford. Premium wood flooring cost is one of the factors that inevitably affects the decision we make when choosing a new floor.

Do wide planks make room look bigger?

Yes wide floor planks can create the slight illusion of making rooms appear bigger than they actually are because there are less seems and joins between the planks which appears less cluttered. Floors with longer planks apply to this same trick of making rooms appear larger.

The other side of this method is to avoid using narrow short planks in small rooms as the same applies in reverse. Lots of narrow short planks in a little room essentially creates a small theme that extends to the whole room. It’s a simple trick to remember but it is quite effective. You will find that luxury flooring products will often include floors with extra wide and long planks. 

If you have any questions or would like some advice please call us on 01992 563 394 or contact us via contact form.

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