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Low-cost flooring ideas

Stone Oak plank vinyl flooring in a white bedroom with a white double bed, a plant and large windows

How can I cover my kitchen floor cheaply?

The lowest cost floor type suitable for kitchens is sheet vinyl flooring. This is available in the UK for around £5.00 M2 – £30.00 M2. It is also easy to install which helps to keep the fitting costs down.

If you want a low cost floor for your kitchen but want something a little nicer than sheet vinyl the next step up is vinyl tile flooring, also known as luxury vinyl tile and lvt flooring. This is available in the UK for around £12.00 M2 – £70.00 M2. It might cost slightly more to install than sheet vinyl but it’s still very easy to install and will still keep fitting costs low.

Sheet vinyl and vinyl tile flooring are usually the cheapest flooring options that are both easy to install and suitable for all interior rooms.

What is the easiest DIY flooring?

Easy to install DIY cheap flooring ideas include;

Carpet Tiles – which come in manageable square tiles that are glued to the subfloor

Sheet Vinyl – which comes in sheets that lay over the subfloor usually with glue keeping it down flat

Laminate Flooring – which comes in planks and needs separate underlay to be fitted

Click Vinyl Tiles – which come in click together planks or tiles that usually have underlay built in

The easiest to install is Click Vinyl Tiles, because there is no need to buy or install separate underlay, no glue is needed at all and the flooring is 100% waterproof.

space oak herringbone click vinyl flooring colour swatch

Our Space Oak Click Vinyl Tile Flooring provides the stylish herringbone pattern whilst being suitable for DIY projects

What is the newest flooring trend?

The newest flooring type trend is LVT flooring. This floor type is going from strength to strength in popularity and use thanks to the product advancements. High quality LVT products do it all, they imitate wood or stone extremely well, they are 100% waterproof, durable and they are available in endless colours and patterns.

The newest flooring colour trend is soft natural colours such as light natural oaks and whites which create modern light environments. This is easy to see just by looking at what colours are being used in new build homes. The newest trends for homes are seemingly inspired by natural Nordic themes. Looking at new homes for sale is also a great way to find in style DIY flooring ideas.

What color floors look best in a small living room?

Small rooms including small living rooms usually benefit the most from light natural colours. Small rooms have a tendancy to receive less natural light which can make the already small room also feel dark and dingy. Using lighter colours for the flooring in small rooms helps to increase the light and airy feeling that is often associated with larger rooms.

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