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How To Buy Flooring Online

Noble Oak Solid Wood Flooring in a lounge with a single loose plank laying on the top

How do I know I can trust the company?

Lots of people are understandably concerned about making purchases online due to the risk of scams and incompetent companies. This is certainly something you need to be wary of, unfortunately.
The easiest way to check the reputation of an online flooring supplier is to take a look at their customer reviews. Two of the most reliable platforms for customer reviews are Google and Trustpilot.

Google – Companies often have a Google Business Listing which allows customers to leave reviews on the company’s business listing. You can find this by entering the name of the company you want to check followed by the town or city it is located in. Something along the lines of… Joe Bloggs Flooring Cambridge. The listing should show up on the right hand side of the search results, you may need to scroll down a little.

Trustpilot – This is an independent reviews platform that many businesses use to show potential customers what their previous customers think of their products and service. Simply visit the Trustpilot website https://uk.trustpilot.com/ and enter the business name in the search bar. You will then be able to read the reviews and ratings that previous customers have left the company.

Is it cheaper to buy flooring online?

One of the advantages of buying flooring online is you are cutting out the high street shop and going straight to supplier, which is a more cost effective way to purchase flooring. This does however mean you will need to either install the flooring yourself or find an installer to do it for you. Buying the flooring yourself online and sourcing your own installer gives you more control over the costs.

Another advantage of buying flooring online is there is a wider, almost endless choice of floors. Most online flooring suppliers have hundreds of different floors on their websites, so with just a few search results you have thousands of flooring products at your fingertips. Most will also post you free floor samples to your home or office, so you literally don’t have to go anywhere to buy new flooring.

You only need to search on google something like how to buy flooring online cheap and you will be presented with dozens of companies selling flooring at bargain prices.

Here you can see our Lucky Oak Herringbone LVT Flooring Grey Click in a stunning large open lounge

How do I calculate how much flooring I need?

To calculate how much flooring you need simply measure the length and width of the area at the longest and widest parts in meters. Then multiply the length by the width to get the m2 figure. For example 3m x 4m = 12m2

You will need to add around 10% extra to account for material lost from cutting during the installation. Herringbone and Chevron floors need a little more wastage than straight plank floors, 15% is usually enough for these floors.

The product listing on the suppliers website should include the m2 coverage per pack. If the m2 coverage per pack is 2m2, and you need 13.2m2 of flooring after adding wastage, you divide the amount you need by the pack coverage, 13.2m2 / 2m2 = 6.6 packs which you would need to round up to 7 packs as 6 packs would leave you short of material.

Plenty of flooring websites have a calculator on them that works out how many packs you need if you enter your required m2.

You can also contact the company for help with this if you need it.

How do I know which flooring to buy?

If you know what type of flooring you want then you can easily shop online until you find the floor that you like the most.

However if you know nothing about flooring and don’t know which floor type is used where here is a very basic quick guide;

Sheet Vinyl Flooring & LVT Flooring = All indoor rooms as it is waterproof

Laminate Flooring = All indoor rooms except bathrooms as it is not waterproof

Wood Flooring = All indoor rooms except bathrooms as it is not waterproof

Stone Tiles = All indoor rooms as it is waterproof

Carpet = All indoor rooms except bathrooms as it is not waterproof

Lots of flooring supplies websites also indicate on the product listings which rooms the product is suitable for.

This is also something you can simply ask the seller by phone or email.

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