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Herringbone Flooring

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What is Herringbone flooring?

Herringbone is the design and the pattern of the flooring. The planks in Herringbone floors are smaller than the planks in most straight plank floors. Herringbone planks are installed a specific way to create the Herringbone pattern.

Herringbone floors are available in many floor types including vinyl tile Herringbone flooring, solid wood Herringbone and vinyl Herringbone by Karndean.

Is herringbone flooring a good idea?

Herringbone floors have been popular for many years and still sell just as well today.

Some benefits of Herringbone flooring include;

• Popular stylish pattern
• Can make rooms appear bigger than they actually are
• Available in most types of flooring
• Suitable for use in many different settings

If you like the appearance of Herringbone floors you simply have to decide which floor type will suit your needs best.

The build quality of our Sea Oak Herringbone Click LVT Flooring is proven by its Lifetime Residential Warranty

Do herringbone floors cost more?

Yes Herringbone floors do cost a little more than standard straight plank floors.

The floor itself costs more to manufacture, because the planks have to be created smaller which means more individual planks for the same amount of flooring. The planks also have to be designed to fit each other correctly whilst creating the Herringbone pattern.

Herringbone floors are also more work for the installer, which means the installation will take longer and it will cost more.

An example of the product price difference between straight plank and Herringbone flooring is in our Windsor range, which consists of both straight plank and Herringbone floors with exactly the same spec. The Herringbone products are currently £4.00 m2 inc vat more than the straight plank products.

Herringbone flooring laminate and Herringbone flooring vinyl are good options if you want to keep costs down and still have a Herringbone floor, as laminate and vinyl floors are cost effective options and both are relatively easy to install compared to other floor types.

Is herringbone flooring outdated?

No, Herringbone flooring is not outdated. The design is still highly popular and is likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Today Herringbone flooring is available in many floor types, such as Herringbone flooring oak and Herringbone sheet vinyl, which are totally different floor types that always look very different and are suitable for different areas.

Herringbone flooring engineered wood versions for example are available in different colours, shades, finishes and grades.

Consider the difference in appearance between a dark natural oiled rustic Herringbone engineered wood floor and a light white lacquered prime Herringbone engineered wood floor. They look completely different even though they are made from the same material and have the same design.

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