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Silk Oak Click LVT Flooring Supplies in a Lounge with a sofa and coffee table

What is the best flooring for your money?

The best flooring supplies for your money is the flooring that meets your requirements and is at the correct price for your budget. 

If you simply want the lowest cost option, sheet vinyl is usually the least expensive floor type. 

When you want the waterproof properties and durability of vinyl but you want something a little more upmarket, then luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring is the best option. 

Alternatively if you require a low cost floor that is durable but doesn’t need to be waterproof, laminate flooring would work brilliantly. 

On the other hand if you have your heart set on real wood flooring, you have the option of both engineered and solid wood flooring as both can be found within a similar price range. 

In recent years new house builders have installed more LVT flooring than any other floor type. So if you are a new home builder the best flooring for your money is likely to be LVT flooring. 

You can easily order flooring supplies direct from our website and you can even obtain a flooring supplies discount code by signing up to our newsletter or being a trade customer.

What is the best budget friendly flooring?

The best budget friendly flooring is vinyl, laminate and carpet tiles. All of these floors can be purchased and installed for very low cost. 

Vinyl flooring supplies are best suited to toilets, bathrooms and utility rooms because of the waterproof design. 

Laminate flooring is ideal for all other residential interior rooms. This floor type usually imitates wood flooring and is highly durable. The main downside to laminate is that you cannot get it wet. 

Carpet tiles can be purchased and fitted for very low cost and you can even find second hand carpet tiles online. Carpet tiles are better suited to more commercial environments such as gyms and schools.

What is the longest lasting flooring?

The longest lasting flooring is natural stone and real wood flooring. Both of which are materials found in nature and can last for hundreds of years. Stone flooring does require less maintenance than wood flooring which can prove to be a real advantage. 

What flooring looks the most expensive?

The most expensive floor type is natural stone because of the difficulty of extracting it from the ground. 

Some of the most expensive floors in the UK are Marble which can cost thousands of pounds per square meter.

There are also many custom flooring products produced at similar prices. It is possible to create custom products of multiple floor types for super high prices. 

DFO Choice Life Oak Glue Down LVT Flooring in a Lounge with a sofa and coffee table
Our Life Oak is a premium glue down LVT floor in a natural oak colour

What is the next trend in flooring?

The current increasing trend in flooring is natural oak coloured luxury vinyl tile flooring. It is difficult to compete with a floor type as usable as LVT due to its waterproof and durable design. There are also endless variations in colour and style for lvt flooring.

Water resistant and waterproof laminate flooring is slowly starting to become available in the UK which will likely increase in popularity as this new floor type progresses. 

Is grey flooring out of style in 2024?

No, grey flooring is not out of style. Grey flooring is still popular although it has lost some of its popularity to natural oak colours in recent years. Grey and natural oak coloured flooring is the most popular floor type at present.

To find flooring suppliers local to you and avoid delivery fees simply search google for flooring supplies near me and suppliers nearby should pop up straight away.

What colour floors never go out of style?

Floor types with natural colours and materials never go out of style. When natural colours, patterns and materials are produced naturally it is unlikely that they will go out of style. So far in human history people have always considered natural colours and materials to be a luxury.

We at Direct Flooring Online supply quality wood, laminate and lvt flooring to private and trade customers within mainland UK. You can find us online with a simple google search such as flooring supplies near Hoddesdon or Broxbourne as we are based in Hoddesdon. 

If you have any questions or would like some advice please call us on 01992 563 394 or contact us via contact form.

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