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Flooring and Paint Combinations

Parrot Oak LVT Flooring Hallway with stairs

What is the best color combination for walls and floors?

Choosing wood flooring and paint combinations for walls and floors can be tricky, not everyone has a natural eye for matching up colours that work. It can become expensive to pay a professional and a quick search online can often do the trick.

A good place to start is to simply make sure that you contrast the colours of the walls and floors, as too much of a single colour can easily become overbearing. The same goes for shades in general, if you use two dark shades the room can simply end up too dark. The same rule applies for most floor types.

Here are a few popular colour combinations for walls and floors to get you started;

• White walls and light-medium grey floors
• Light grey walls and light brown floors
• Cream walls and grey floors
• Light blue walls and medium brown floors

These could be used for flooring and paint combinations for living room areas, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Should floors be darker or lighter than walls?

The majority of design experts will tell you that walls should be lighter than floors for laminate flooring and paint combinations as well as wood, carpet and vinyl flooring. This is partly because darker floors and lighter walls tends to make rooms look and feel bigger. Light floors also have a tendency to look dirty quicker than darker floors.

Lighter floors and darker walls is not unheard of however. This can be beneficial for rooms with low ceilings as it can help to make the ceilings seem higher up than they actually are. This alternative colour combination style can also be used if you simply want a different and unique design.

Our Dark Grey Twilight Oak Laminate Flooring is combined here with White and Off White Walls and Ceilings

What are the 2 best colors that go together?

The two absolute best colours that go together will be a personal preference of each individual, but here are some two colour combination options;

• Blue and Yellow
• White and light brown
• Grey and brown
• Dark Blue and Teal
• Orange and Black
• Yellow and Black
• Peach and Dark Red
• Dark Purple and Blue
• Dark Blue and Orange
• Blue and Grey

Some of these colour combinations may not be suitable for flooring, but hopefully it gives you an idea of what sort of colours go together when decorating or building.

Which two colors don’t go together?

There are plenty of colour combinations that rarely work well together, here are a few examples;

• Green and Yellow
• Orange and Brown
• Green and Red
• Yellow and Purple
• Purple and Red
• Dark Blue and Black

Most people would agree that Kitchen flooring and paint combinations of the colours above would be difficult to make work.

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