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Cost of Wood Flooring

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How much does wooden floor cost per sqm?

The cost of wooden floor per square meter varies significantly in the UK depending on the individual product and brand.

Wooden flooring cost of all types per M2 range in the UK from around £22 all the way up to around £250. There are many different types and qualities of real wood flooring available which is why there can be such a large price differences.

Online flooring shop websites often have a wood flooring cost calculator on each product listing, where you simply enter how much flooring you need in M2 and it tells you how many packs you will need and what the total cost of the order will be. 

Click here to see an example of our wood flooring cost calculator

Is wood flooring cheaper than carpet?

People often wonder how much does wood flooring cost compared to carpet.

The price per M2 for carpet in the UK ranges from around £7 to around £30 depending on the individual product and quality.

The cost to install carpet is also less than installing wood flooring because wood flooring is much more involved and takes longer. The wood floor installation cost average is around £25 per M2 and carpet installation cost average is around £10 per M2.

At the time this article was written our English Oak Engineered Wood Flooring is priced at £48.99 M2 inc vat.

Is wood flooring cheaper than tile?

Both the product price and the installation price of wood flooring are higher than the prices for luxury vinyl tile products.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) products are available in the UK from around £12 per M2 to around £70 per M2. Whilst wood flooring products are available in the UK from around £22 per M2 to around £250 per M2.

The cost to install engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring is around £25 per M2 and the cost to install click LVT flooring is around £20 per M2.

Real wood flooring is an expensive floor type and it is all round more expensive than LVT flooring. It’s fair to use the rule of thumb guide that LVT products are approximately half the price of real wood flooring products.

What is the best flooring that looks like wood?

The flooring type that most accurately imitates real wood at present is LVT flooring. High Quality LVT flooring is designed to imitate real wood to such high levels of detail that wood grains are actually embossed into the texture of the surfaces of the LVT planks so that they look and even feel like real wood.

It is genuinely impressive when even experienced people in the flooring industry are so surprised at how much an LVT plank can look like a real wood plank that they get down closer to the floor or pick up a plank for a closer look.

The added advantage, on top of the cost advantage, for wood imitation LVT over real wood is that it is easier to install, 100% waterproof and more resistant to temperature changes.

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