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Best Type of Wood Flooring

Pastel Oak White Engineered Wood Flooring in a bedroom with a double bed, two side tables with lamps, one large glass lamp on the floor, window with curtains to the left, brick wall at the back

What type of wood flooring is the best?

There are two main types of wooden flooring available today. The best type will be either engineered wood flooring or solid wood flooring, and the answer will depend on the intended use of the floor and the preference of the individual making the purchase.

Engineered wood flooring is always a good option as it looks and feels like solid wood flooring but is more resilient to changes in moisture and temperature. This is because the flooring is not 100% natural wood, the lower layers are manmade and designed to be more resilient.

Solid wood flooring is arguably the most luxurious option simply because it’s a 100% natural product and is genuine real wood flooring and nothing else. Whilst solid wood flooring is more susceptible to moisture and temperature changes than engineered wood flooring, it should last longer. This is because solid wood flooring can be sanded down and renewed more times than engineered wood flooring.

The higher resilience and lower price of engineered wood flooring makes it the sensible choice for family homes.

The ability for it to last multiple decades makes solid wood flooring the more appropriate option for high end properties such as stately homes.

One of the best wood flooring brands which includes some of the best wood flooring uk wide is our own DFO Choice brand.

Which wood flooring is most durable?

Engineered wood flooring is the most durable thanks to the manufactured layers underneath the top layer of solid wood flooring. It is due to the fact that there is less natural wood in the flooring that it is more resilient to moisture and temperature changes. This higher level of resilience is why engineered wood flooring is the best type of wood flooring for kitchen areas in private homes.

Engineered wood floors which have good amounts of solid wood flooring on the top wear layer can be sanded back and renewed the same way that solid wood flooring can, just not as many times. Engineered wood flooring is also usually considered to be the best wood flooring for living rooms areas for the same reasons.

An overall thicker wood floor will be more durable than a thinner one as it will be stronger.

Here you can see our DFO Choice Lodge Oak Plank Engineered Wood Flooring with a Natural Oiled Finish

What wood flooring lasts the longest?

Providing it has be looked after, solid wood flooring should last the longest. Solid wood floors have no other material within the planks, they are simply planks of solid wood. This means the floor can be sanded back again and again until the floor no longer fits correctly within the area it was installed. Signs of this could include things like gaps under the doors and skirting boards not fitting correctly anymore.

Consider the types of wood flooring in old homes such as huge expensive stately homes, some of the solid wood flooring in these properties has been down for hundreds of years!

Is hardwood really better than laminate?

With regards to luxury and appeal, yes, hardwood is better than laminate flooring. If you hold a sample of high quality laminate flooring in one hand and a sample of high quality hardwood flooring in the other hand, there is no comparison. They are completely different materials and products.

However with regards to durability and price, laminate is better than hardwood. Laminate is more durable than hardwood because it is a manufactured material that is designed to be as durable as possible. The price difference between the two is also vast, hardwood can easily be 2, 3, 4 times the price of laminate flooring.

Whilst laminate can’t be sanded down like hardwood, it can still last a very long time, around 30 years, simply because it is so durable and hard wearing.

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