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Best Type of Laminate Flooring

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What is the best type of Laminate flooring?

The best type of laminate flooring when it comes to durability is any laminate product with an AC rating of 6. AC stands for Abrasion Class and is the system used to grade laminate flooring. The rating system ranges from 1 to 6, with 6 being the highest.

An AC6 laminate floor is the most durable type available and is designed for use in very high traffic in commercial environments.

AC1 laminate flooring is the least durable and is designed for light traffic areas such as bedrooms.

Commercial grade AC6 laminate is not a great option for use in your home not only because it is unnecessarily expensive for that type of use, it also tends to have a rougher texture. Most people walk around in their homes with either socks or bare feet which wouldn’t feel very nice on AC6 laminate.

The optimum AC rating for private homes is usually AC3.

Should I get water resistant laminate flooring?

The added benefit of water resistant laminate flooring over standard laminate flooring is obviously an improvement. A water resistant version would be best type of laminate flooring for kitchen and bathroom areas as water is used frequently in these rooms.

However water resistant laminate is more expensive and the price is similar or the same as 100% waterproof luxury vinyl tile flooring. The question then becomes why choose a water resistant floor over a waterproof floor for the same cost?

Water resistant laminate flooring is resistant to water ingress for a defined amount of time, for example a period of 48-72 hours. This helps greatly with situations such as spillages and temporary leaks, but you do need to clean the liquid off because it will eventually damage the laminate.

If you are looking for a floor that will never become damage by moisture or liquid you are better off opting for lvt flooring or sheet vinyl.

Our Lunar Oak Plank Laminate Flooring Grey is one of our most popular floors

Is 12mm laminate better than 8mm?

A 12mm laminate floor will be a little stronger than an 8mm laminate floor simply because it is thicker, however the surface will be the same so any benefit gained from the thicker material is minor and rarely noticeable.

Considering 12mm laminate floors will be a little more expensive than 8mm laminate floors, the main reason to choose one over the other is actually to get the correct height for your flooring. Laminate flooring requires underlay, so a 12mm floor installed over a 3mm underlay can be too high for some floor spaces. On the flip side you might need a thicker floor to fill the space and get the flooring to the correct height.

Why is laminate flooring so popular?

Laminate flooring is so popular and frequently used because it is a very cost effective flooring option and it is simple to install. The fact that it is simple to install means customers can often install it themselves and not have to add extra cost to the new flooring by hiring a professional floor fitter.

Laminate is popular because it does the job that people want it to. A person shopping for laminate wants a floor that is inexpensive, looks good, lasts a long time and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Many shoppers specifically look for a floor that they can install themselves.

Laminate flooring is a fantastic low cost flooring option. Our DFO Choice laminate floors are some of the best laminate flooring UK wide and some of the best budget laminate flooring available in the UK.

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