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Polar Oak plank vinyl flooring in babies bedroom, babies cot, teddy bears, washing basket, storage cupboards

What is the easiest flooring to install by yourself?

The easiest flooring to install by yourself is click lvt flooring which is specifically designed to be easy to install.

The easy install features include;

• Packaged in manageable sized boxes
• Built in underlay
• Click together planks
• Glue not needed
• Suitable for all interior rooms
• Suitable for underfloor heating

Click lvt flooring, also known as vinyl plank flooring, has advanced massively in recent years and has become the best all-round flooring option. High quality imitation wood and stone vinyl tile products are often indistinguishable from real wood and stone flooring without close up inspection thanks to textured surfaces.

What is the cheapest flooring I can install myself?

The cheapest flooring you can install yourself is sheet vinyl flooring or laminate flooring depending on the specific product and what deals are available.

When looking for low-cost flooring ideas and the easiest flooring to install DIY you also need to consider what floor type is suitable for which areas.

If you plan to use laminate flooring, you ideally need to find another waterproof floor type for areas such as toilets, bathrooms and utility rooms. As laminate can be easily damaged by liquids.

If you plan to use sheet vinyl, you may want to consider what the end result will look and feel like. As sheet vinyl can look and feel cheap in areas such as lounges.

This is why click lvt flooring is so popular. It looks and feels more luxurious than laminate and sheet vinyl. It’s also waterproof so you can install the same floor throughout your home. You also don’t have to buy or install separate underlay.

Our Sea Oak LVT Flooring creates the complicated looking Herringbone pattern easily with Click Together Planks and Built in Underlay 

Is it cheaper to do my own flooring?

When you consider that UK floor fitters charge around £200 per day you can save a lot of money by installing the flooring yourself. You do however need to be sure to choose the right flooring to install yourself as certain floors such as solid wood flooring require experienced installers.
Today you can shop online for a DIY friendly flooring which you can install yourself and not pay a penny for installation. The floors come with instructions and there is also plenty of tips and advice available online.


Can a beginner install laminate flooring?

Yes. Installing laminate flooring is fairly straight forward and does not require an experienced floor fitter. Laminate floors usually have easy click together planks and are floated on underlay so no glue is needed, only basic tools. You will need to either remove the skirting for the install and put back once the floor is laid, or use Scotia / Beading.

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