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Best flooring for conservatories

Loft Oak herringbone engineered wood flooring in an open kitchen with floor to ceiling windows, a set dinner table, standing heater, edge of sofa

What is the best type of flooring for a conservatory?

The best flooring for conservatories are those that are resistant to temperature changes, direct sunlight and moisture. This immediately rules our solid wood flooring as it is highly reactive to temperature and moisture.

Suitable floors include;

Engineered Wood Flooring – which is more resilient than solid wood and is available with UV protection, although it can still be affected by temperature and moisture.

Laminate Flooring – is a resilient manmade product and quality versions should hold up well against UV rays. However it can be affected by moisture and temperature changes.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring – is resistant to temperature changes and moisture and should hold up well against UV rays. It is also very low cost. The only downside of sheet vinyl is it tends to look as low cost as it is.

LVT Flooring – is resistant to temperature changes and moisture and should hold up well against UV rays. Quality versions look and feel like luxury products and are less expensive than real wood.

LVT flooring is the best all-rounder for most situations and the best vinyl flooring for conservatory areas.

Is vinyl or laminate better for conservatory?

Sheet vinyl and laminate are the most low cost flooring options and can both be used in conservatories.

The downside with sheet vinyl is the low cost look and feel.

The downside of laminate flooring for conservatory rooms is its susceptibility to moisture and temperature changes.

Vinyl click flooring for conservatory rooms is slightly more expensive, but it’s a superior floor type in every way. If your budget can stretch a little further a vinyl tile floor is certainly the better option. It should also last longer which in most cases should negate the price difference.

Battleship Oak dark grey lvt flooring

Our Battleship Oak is a Premium luxury vinyl tile with a Lifetime Residential Warranty

Does Amtico flooring fade in the sun?

No LVT flooring product is immune to UV rays. All LVT products will experience fading from sun exposure over time, as will most other floor types. Quality products are however engineered to a level that fading should happen over many years in line with the products expected lifespan.

In most cases customers are ready to change their LVT flooring before any sun fading has noticeably affected the flooring.

Do you put underlay under Amtico?

Amtico products are mainly Click LVT and Glue Down LVT.

Glue Down versions are glued directly onto the subfloor without any underlay.

Click versions have underlay built into the planks and separate underlay is not required.

Amtico International Underlay-19 is available to provide additional sound insulation which is specifically designed by Amtico to work with their Click LVT products. Alternative underlay should not be used, in accordance with the product guidelines set out by Amtico.

Amtico, like other LVT brands, provide brilliant non slip flooring for conservatory areas that will look great for years.

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