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Wood Flooring

  1. Is Solid Wood Flooring worth it?

    Royal Oak Solid Wood Flooring close up with a wine bottle sitting on the floor half out of shot


    Why choose solid wood flooring?

    Solid wood flooring is the ultimate version of wood flooring. Solid wood flooring...

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  2. Best Flooring For Kids

    Storm Oak grey vinyl flooring in a kids bedroom with a bed, storage drawers, blue and green car mat on the floor and two small drums


    What type of floor is best for kids?

    Safety is always the main concern when it comes to kids. Young children can easily fall over and bang their head on the floor which can be extremely dangerous. The best type...

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  3. How To Buy Flooring Online

    Noble Oak Solid Wood Flooring in a lounge with a single loose plank laying on the top


    How do I know I can trust the company?

    Lots of people are understandably concerned about making purchases online due to the risk of scams and incompetent companies. This is certainly something you need to be wary...

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  4. Best Type of Wood Flooring

    Pastel Oak White Engineered Wood Flooring in a bedroom with a double bed, two side tables with lamps, one large glass lamp on the floor, window with curtains to the left, brick wall at the back


    What type of wood flooring is the best?

    There are two main types of wooden flooring available today. The best type will be either engineered wood flooring or solid wood flooring, and the answer will depend on...

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  5. Flooring and Paint Combinations

    Parrot Oak LVT Flooring Hallway with stairs


    What is the best color combination for walls and floors?

    Choosing wood flooring and paint combinations for walls and floors...

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  6. Cost of Wood Flooring

    close up image of Village Oak chevron engineered wood flooring in a lounge with 2 small ornaments, one yellow and one shades of blue and white


    How much does wooden floor cost per sqm?

    The cost of wooden floor per square meter varies significantly in the UK depending on the individual product and brand.

    Wooden flooring cost of all types per M2...

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  7. Chevron Flooring

    Piano Oak Chevron engineered wood flooring lounge close up


    What is the difference between Chevron and Herringbone flooring?

    The difference between Chevron flooring...

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  8. Herringbone Flooring

    cargo oak herringbone wood flooring colour swatch


    What is Herringbone flooring?

    Herringbone is the design and the pattern of the flooring. The planks in Herringbone floors are smaller than the planks in most straight plank floors. Herringbone planks are installed...

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  9. Wood Flooring Finishes

    a close up image of Eagle Oak Plank Engineered Wood Flooring in a lounge, a small green pot and a small blue pot sitting on the floor


    What types of wood flooring finishes are there?

    There are many variations of the different wood floor finishes, some of which include;

    Lacquered – a smooth shiny finish created by a clear hard coating o...

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  10. Glue down or underlay?

    Mapei Ultrabond Eco S948 1K Adhesive and woods good eco gold underlay

    What type of flooring needs to be glued down?

    Solid Wood Flooring – is a 100% natural product which expands and contracts significantly with changes in moisture and temperature. It needs to be glued securely to the subfloor to minimise t...

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