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  1. How To Buy Flooring Online

    Noble Oak Solid Wood Flooring in a lounge with a single loose plank laying on the top


    How do I know I can trust the company?

    Lots of people are understandably concerned about making purchases online due to the risk of scams and incompetent companies. This is certainly something you need to be wary...

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  2. Screed and Latex

    Mapei Ultraplan Renovation screed bag


    Is screed and latex the same?

    No screed and latex are not the same. The terms screed and latex are often mixed up and used incorrectly.

    Screed – is the sand and cement subfloor layer that creates the b...

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  3. Glue down or underlay?

    Mapei Ultrabond Eco S948 1K Adhesive and woods good eco gold underlay

    What type of flooring needs to be glued down?

    Solid Wood Flooring – is a 100% natural product which expands and contracts significantly with changes in moisture and temperature. It needs to be glued securely to the subfloor to minimise t...

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  4. Which underlay is best?

    Super Green Underlay

    What type of underlay is best?

    Different underlay types are better for different areas;

    Felt Underlay – is a the most durable underlay available with great levels of cushioning, insulation and sound reduction. The durability m...

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